Engage Employees and
Improve Financial Wellness

The first financial wellness program designed for plan advisors and their clients

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Engage Employees and
Improve Financial Wellness

The first financial wellness program designed for plan advisors and their clients

Benefits For Plan Advisors, Employers and Employees

Advisor-Focused for Greater Impact

Retiremap is built for how advisors service retirement plans. The Advisor Management Interface helps advisors understand each employee’s goals and current financial situation quickly, making every employee interaction more impactful and efficient.


Full-Service Model Saves Time

Retiremap’s full-service approach means that advisors have an extension of their sales and service teams. Meanwhile, the easy-to-implement turnkey program frees up HR to work on more pressing issues.


Plan Connected To Improve Employee Outcomes

Increasing employee savings rates is critical to improving plan health and employees’ long term financial security. Retiremap makes it easy for employees to take action and enroll in the plan or increase their savings rate.

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Custom Branding for Maximum Engagement

Retiremap is branded for both the employer and the advisor to ensure the largest number of employees are engaged. Custom branding includes emails, employees’ financial plan, the microsite and the online Dashboard.

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Measures Impact on Outcomes and Key Issues

After the launch of the program, the advisor presents the employer with Retiremap’s custom Performance Report detailing adoption, behavior change and key insights to focus financial wellness efforts.

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Retiremap’s Key Success Metrics

Engaging employees to measurably improve outcomes

On average, Retiremap engages over half of the employees at companies.

Nearly all employees sign up to receive a personalized Roadmap and online Dashboard.

The majority of employees decide to start saving more, on average 6.3% of pay.

Getting Started

Helping plan advisors easily introduce financial wellness to clients

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Retiremap Improves Financial Wellness [Case Study]

When the Evening Post, a major media and information organization, was undergoing a plan transition, the plan sponsor recognized that employees were satisfied with the change in provider but they still needed a more holistic retirement readiness assessment. Read about Retiremap's impact in the case study.

Advisors: A branded video to introduce financial wellness

Advisors: A branded video to introduce financial wellness

As a retirement plan advisor, get your own branded video and be the first to share financial wellness with your clients. More and more top advisory firms are offering financial wellness programs as a way to develop relationships with prospects. Don't let other firms be the first to present financial wellness to your clients.

Retiremap’s Award-Winning Program


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Advisor-focused financial wellness to help employees
achieve their financial goals.
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