Retiremap Hires Steve Rydzak to Head Advisor and Enterprise Sales

From: Retiremap
Contact: Matt Iverson
Telephone: (415) 250-6727

San Ramon, CA, December 2, 2014 – Retiremap today announced that Steve Rydzak, AIF®, will join the firm as senior vice president of sales for Retiremap. Rydzak will focus on advisor and enterprise sales by working closely with leading advisory firms, broker-dealers, fund companies and service providers.

“Plan advisors are increasingly looking to differentiate their services with financial wellness, while connecting retirement plans to wealth management,” said Matt Iverson, CEO. “We are dedicated to the advisor-sold retirement plan market and are leveraging Steve’s considerable experience in working with advisors, broker-dealers and fund companies to grow Retiremap’s footprint as an advisor-driven financial wellness platform.”

Rydzak will report to Iverson who leads overall company vision, technology and product strategy. In his new role, Rydzak will collaborate with Retiremap’s leadership team to provide aggressive growth strategies and identify approaches designed to meet advisors’ evolving needs.

“We’re looking to Steve to replicate the success he had in his previous position, by personally cultivating and managing the sales process for key clients, while building out a great sales team,” said Iverson. “We’re very excited to have him on board and feel that Steve’s passion, knowledge and relationships within the retirement plan industry will pay dividends.”

Prior to joining Retiremap, Rydzak served as senior vice president of sales at fi360 since 2007, responsible for spearheading the national business development efforts by working with the top mutual fund companies, as well as custodians, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, and RIAs. Prior to that, he worked extensively in technology application outsourcing and offshore development focused in the financial services industry. Rydzak began his career in sales in 1990, holds an AIF® and graduated from Robert Morris University.

Retiremap is an advisor-driven financial wellness platform that uses behavioral economics to pro-actively engage employees and measurably improve outcomes. The award-winning platform uses iPad workshops, emails and microsites to improve employee engagement (1) and saving behavior (2), while making plan advisors dramatically more efficient and impactful. For advisors interested in wealth management and rollover opportunities, Retiremap generates qualified conversations, with 58% of iPad workshop attendees requesting to speak with an advisor (3).



(1) 97% of iPad workshop attendees feel the program is an excellent addition to their benefits package.

(2) 88% of employees decide to save more after completing the program.

(3) 15% of attendees have between $200,000-$500,000 in total savings, with 49% requesting to speak with an advisor. 6% of attendees have between $500,000-$1,000,000 in total savings, with 38% requesting to speak with an advisor.

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Blue Prairie Group Uses Retiremap to 
Win Industry Award for Financial Wellness

Advisor-driven financial wellness program wins top industry award by measurably improving employee outcomes, while providing advisors with tools to be more impactful.

SAN FRANCISCO, September 24, 2014 — Leading ERISA retirement consulting firm Blue Prairie Group partnered with Retiremap to win a PSCA Signature Award with “High Distinction” for the Financial Wellness program it developed on behalf of a plan sponsor client.  The Signature Award was presented at the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s 67th Annual National Conference held in Miami, Florida.

2014 SIGNATURE AWARDS- Financial Wellness

Using Retiremap’s Plan For Your Future iPad workshops and working closely with the client, Blue Prairie Group education specialists achieved the following results for its client:

  • 61% of employees were engaged in the first month through iPad workshops
  • 42% of iWorkshop attendees decided to increase their deferral rate by an average of 5.7% of pay
  • 47% of iWorkshop attendees requested to talk with a Blue Prairie Group financial advisor
  • 15% of iWorkshop attendees expressed interest in auto-escalating their savings rates
  • 99% of employees completed the ten minute goal-setting process
  • 98% of iWorkshop attendees felt more engaged with the 401(k) plan
  • 97% of iWorkshop attendees felt they now have helpful tools to reduce stress related to their personal finances
  • 97% of iWorkshop attendees would recommend the workshop to a co-worker
  • 97% of iWorkshop attendees felt the new financial wellness program was an excellent addition to the benefits package (45% strongly agreed)

The goal of the financial wellness program was to engage employees, get them to save more for a secure retirement and help Blue Prairie Group education specialists have more impactful one-on-one employee meetings to improve financial wellness. The iPad workshops proved so successful, that a second full day of one-on-ones meetings with Blue Prairie Group education specialists was scheduled for employees.

“This particular clients experience was particularly satisfying because it validated some of the education campaigns basic assumptions about the importance of establishing a broad-based financial wellness framework and the real hunger participants have to speak to experienced advisors who can render powerful advice free of conflict and product sales,said Matt Gnabasik, Managing Director at Blue Prairie Group.The client should also be commended for providing the commitment in terms of time and resources to make our joint efforts so successful.”

“Retirement plan advisors who are strong advocates on behalf of participants are ideally positioned to offer financial wellness to plan sponsors, We see winning alongside Fidelity and Transamerica as recognition that an advisor-driven financial wellness program is uniquely positioned for success,”said Matt Iverson, Founder at Boulevard R.  “There is a real demand for financial wellness solutions from plan sponsors, as we saw in our packed session at PSCA.  By creating a program that is more engaging than what most providers offer, and also making plan advisors measurably more impactful with employees, we can have a profoundly positive impact on employees’ financial wellness.”

The Retiremap program was developed with leading behavioral economist and NY Times bestselling author, Dan Ariely from Duke University.  The 30-minute Plan for Your Future workshops provide up to 30 employees at a time with an iPad, allowing them to do a holistic retirement readiness assessment and get a personalized Starter Roadmap.  For employees who cannot participate in the iPad workshops, account activation links are emailed out and they can also access the platform through a custom employer website.

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Financial Wellness: Calculating the ROI

Yesterday’s webinar on developing the bottom-line rationale for implementing a financial wellness program is now available. You can listen to the play-by-play, with presenters Matt Gnabasik (Blue Prairie Group) and Matt Iverson (Retiremap), in the video below or just review the slide deck below the video.

For quicker viewing, here are the slides from the webinar:

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How Retiremap Won a 1st Place Eddy Award

In case you missed it, this edited video jumps right into our recent webinar, “How Retiremap won a 1st Place Eddy Award,” explaining Retiremap’s award-winning approach to retirement plan education, retirement readiness and financial wellness.

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Retiremap Tool Calculates Employers’ ROI on Financial Wellness and Employee Engagement

Using key engagement and behavior change metrics from current Retiremap implementations, new tool provides employers with a custom report detailing the cost-savings + profitability impacts of implementing a financial wellness program.


SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2014 -- To help companies cut through the ambiguity surrounding financial wellness savings, Retiremap has developed a tool to calculate the program’s return on investment (ROI), using behavior change data from existing Retiremap implementations. HR professionals and CFOs can learn about the tool and how they can develop their own business case for implementing a financial wellness program in a free webinar on Thursday, April 24:

“Financial wellness programs often promise the moon when it comes to savings, but how relevant are these numbers for a specific employer?” said Matt Iverson, Founder at Boulevard R.  “By combining current research and Retiremap’s established performance metrics, we can now provide retirement plan committees and CFOs with a custom savings forecast based on their retirement plan’s unique profile.”

“The problem with traditional employee financial education is that the group meeting format and the lack of customized and personalized information means that it rarely leads to desired behavioral changes. Since Blue Prairie Group started using Retiremap, we’ve been able to track a series of engagement metrics for our plan sponsor clients that ultimately tie back to improving retirement security which is the ultimate goals,” said Matt Gnabasik, Managing Director of Blue Prairie Group.

Retiremap’s ROI assessment tool looks at the benefit for the plan, participant and company by examining Retiremap’s impact on three key areas of cost-savings and improved company profitability:

  • Financial Wellness
    By providing strategies for employees’ financial goals, as well as delivering interactive tools, Retiremap helps plan advisors or provider representatives have greater impact when serving employees struggling with financial stress.
  • Retirement Readiness 
    By getting employees to save more, employers help ensure participants can retire on time and not have to delay retirement when their disability and healthcare premiums are highest.
  • Employee Engagement
    By implementing a program that demonstrates that the employer cares about employees’ well being, while also promoting the retirement plan’s value, employees become more engaged.  Greater engagement translates into improved profitability by increasing employees’ loyalty, advocacy and willingness to go the extra mile.

“By quantifying the ROI of how Retiremap pro-actively engages employees and measurably improves participant outcomes, we are connecting the art of financial wellness with the financial reality that companies have to operate within,” said Iverson. “Not only is financial wellness the right thing to do for employees, we can now help anyone interested in financial wellness shine a light on the financial return for their unique employee population and employer.”

HR professionals and CFOs can see a sample Retiremap ROI assessment and request one for their company by visiting:



  • 53% of Plan for Your Future iPad workshop attendees decided to double their deferral rate (increasing by an average of 6.3% of pay)
  • 97% of employees feel more engaged with the retirement plan
  • 93% of employees feel the Retiremap program is an excellent new benefit
  • 92% of employees they have helpful tools to reduce financial stress
  • 56% of all employees are engaged in the first 30 days through Plan for Your Future iPad workshops and email campaigns


About Boulevard R
Retiremap ( is the award-winning, independent retirement plan education platform from Boulevard R, using today’s technology to engage employees and measurably improve participant outcomes.  Retiremap’s Plan For Your Future iPad workshops and online campaigns developed with leading behavioral economist Dan Ariely, help employers and plan advisors deliver a financial wellness program with a significant return on investment.  By measuring and documenting the impact of plan education efforts, Retiremap introduces accountability, while simultaneously reducing fiduciary liability.

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Gen X vs. Gen Y: Understanding differences to improve employee communications

Did you know:

– 59% of Gen Y employees have the goal to buy a home
– 39% of Gen X employees have their savings in “All cash”
– 42% of Gen Y employees have student loan debt

At the P&I Defined Contribution East Coast Conference last week, we participated in a panel “Understanding Generation X in a Generation Y World.”

To expand upon that idea, using detailed aggregate data from the Retiremap platform, we put together this presentation to highlight some of the differences between Gen X and Gen Y employees and how to best engage them to improve financial wellness and retirement readiness.

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[Webinar Recording] Engaging Gen X and Gen Y to Boost Retirement Readiness

If you saw the article in PlanAdvisor on the recent Retiremap webinar “Engaging Gen X and Gen Y to Boost Retirement Readiness” you can view it here:


Thanks and let us know if we can help you think through new ways to engage employees to improve their retirement readiness and financial wellness.

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Retiremap featured in BenefitsPro

In a recent article published in the BenefitsPro, Retiremap was featured and one of our Founders, Matt Iverson, was quoted.

Behavioral techniques goosing retirement savings   BenefitsPro

You can read the article here:

Some of the statistics included in the article from the Plan For Your Future iWorkshops included:

  • 53 percent of employees increase their salary deferral rate
  • 88 percent of employees say they plan to save more for retirement after using the tool.

If you want to learn more, you can sign up for the Engaging Gen X and Gen Y to boost retirement readiness webinar on Tuesday, February 4th:

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[Webinar recording] Kiva’s Award Winning Financial Wellness Program

Enjoy the recorded webinar “Innovator Award Winner Presents Financial Wellness Program” with Britt Huber and Matt Iverson. Learn how Kiva succeeded in improving employee outcomes by using iPads to better engage and boost their financial wellness.

The webinar has been broken into two sections: Presentation and Q&A, accessible through the Playlist on the right of the video.

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Kiva + Retiremap Win an Innovator Award from Pensions & Investments/DCIIA

Kiva Wins!

We’re thrilled to announce that yesterday Kiva won an Innovator Award from Pensions & Investments/DCIIA for implementing Retiremap.

Kiva used custom Retiremap iPad® workshops to engage employees and then honed the communications message, based on the data that was generated.

We couldn’t be happier for Britt Huber, the VP of HR, who received the award. Take a listen to her short acceptance speech in front of the roughly 500 people gathered in San Francisco’s Palace Hotel for the Pensions & Investments West Coast DC conference.

Other Innovator Award winners on stage with Britt included leaders from Chrysler, the Federal Thrift Saving Plan, Aloha Petroleum, Pepsi Co. and Rackspace.


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