Boulevard R Launches Retiremap

Boulevard R’s new Retiremap product is designed to improve retirement plan participant outcomes with more engaging education, while limiting plan sponsor fiduciary liability with automated 404(c) compliance and helping plan advisors uncover new ways to deliver value-added services.

Since plan advisors are who we know best, we’re providing them with customized data sheets that they can then pass on to plan sponsors. If you’re an advisor who’d like to use Retiremap to get ahead of your competition by:

  • Differentiating your services
  • Saving time in participant meetings
  • Generating more revenue from each plan

then we’d be happy to create a custom branded data sheet for you (see Mike Montgomery’s data sheet below).

Get Your Own Data Sheet

To request a custom firm-branded data sheet just fill out this short form:

To move advisors and plan sponsors to action, we came up with the following sweetheart, low-risk pricing, since our biggest focus right now is getting plan sponsors signed up:

  • Free for the first year*
  • No set up fee
  • After the first year, it’s $24/year per registered participant (meaning that they signed up on the system through the activation link and have an account in the database)

This pricing is only available for the first 10 early adopting advisors and plan sponsors. For any plan sponsor you think would be interested, we’d be happy to do a demo. If the they sign up, we’ll do at least one educational webinar for their participants.

For more information, email us at

Here’s the sample data sheet we did for Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors ( is not rendering the second page correctly (though it’d be fine on your firm-branded version), since it’s trying to fit a landscaped (wide) page onto a portrait (tall) page format):

Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors’ Retiremap Data Sheet

* To qualify for this special pricing, retirement plans must have at least 50 enrolled plan participants.