Why financial wellness will face a reckoning with employers

There’s a very real danger that financial wellness programs will flame out with employers. That’s because they are designed to educate, not change employee behavior.

Without metrics to show behavior change (e.g. open a new 401(k), HSA, emergency savings account + income flowing into those accounts), employers will sour on these programs. And it could happen before financial wellness gains real traction.

I just sat down to discuss these dangers and how advisors can counter the trend of low or no impact financial wellness programs. Check it out our recent video interview with Fred Barstein for 401kTV.

Fred and I also discussed how advisors are missing out on a critical behavioral strategy to reinforce their value to clients, while measurably impacting employee behavior.

Retiremap featured in BenefitsPro

In a recent article published in the BenefitsPro, Retiremap was featured and one of our Founders, Matt Iverson, was quoted.

Behavioral techniques goosing retirement savings   BenefitsPro

You can read the article here:


Some of the statistics included in the article from the Plan For Your Future iWorkshops included:

  • 53 percent of employees increase their salary deferral rate
  • 88 percent of employees say they plan to save more for retirement after using the tool.

If you want to learn more, you can sign up for the Engaging Gen X and Gen Y to boost retirement readiness webinar on Tuesday, February 4th: