Retiremap Improves Financial Wellness [Case Study]

When the Evening Post, a major media and information organization, was undergoing a plan transition, the plan sponsor recognized that employees were satisfied with the change in provider but they still needed a more holistic retirement readiness assessment. To ensure that employees were prepared to improve their overall financial wellness and reduce stress related to personal finances, the plan sponsor brought in Retiremap to help.

Our first workshop enabled nearly 70% of employees to increase their paycheck deferral rate. Moreover, 77% of employees wanted to meet with a financial advisor one-on-one to continue making progress against their financial goals.

Employees reported feeling more prepared to take the next step to improve their financial wellness and believed that Retiremap had provided helpful tools to reduce stress. Because of our efforts, the plan sponsor was also able to gain insights around employee concerns and high-level trends, which can help foster continuous improvement in financial wellness offerings.

To learn more about how Retiremap helped the Evening Post implement a comprehensive program and better understand employee needs, check out the full case study.

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