Kiva Nominated for P&I Innovators Award

Image Credit: Pensions & Investments, Crain Communications.

Kiva was the first plan sponsor to offer Retiremap’s Plan for Your Future iWorkshop and as a result, their VP of HR, Britt Huber, has been nominated for a Pensions & Investments Innovators Award.

We’re also very proud that Britt will be speaking on a P&I West Coast DC Conference panel, Evolution of Technology in DC Plans, on the afternoon of the Innovators Award lunch. Joining Britt on the panel will be Helene Sanford from Intersil, which is another company that used Retiremap to engage employees. You can see the P&I West Coast DC Conference agenda here.

In the first month of launching the program, the Retiremap platform demonstrated significant, measurable improvements in retirement readiness. Using iPads in onsite workshops, half of the 30 employees decided to increase their deferral rate by an average of 6.3% of pay.

Additionally, the iPad workshop launch, coupled with an email campaign, engaged 40% of Kiva’s employees, which are spread out all over the world. Of all the employees who participated, 37% requested a follow up meeting with the plan advisor. Additionally, 15% expressed interest in automatically escalating their deferral rates.

Your can read more here in the case study: