Making It Easy For Advisors

Having worked with financial advisors for a few years now, we recognize that they are a busy bunch often running in many different directions.

To make things easier for them, we are formalizing the Retiremap sales and implementation process so that all they really have to do is come up with a list of plan sponsors who would be interested in improving plan outcomes and reducing fiduciary liability and then make the introductions. We’ll take it from there.  Of course, the advisor is always part of the process, but they do not have to drive the process and we make sure to stay in regular contact.

This flow chart helps make Retiremap’s sales and implementation process more clear for advisors, so that they better understand all the ways that the Boulevard R team provides support.  Our mantra is:

“You make the introductions and we will do everything else.”

In addition to creating a landing page like this for advisors (you can request your own landing page here), we will also create a powerpoint slide deck that you can present on its own or we can incorporate it into your Overview of Services presentation.  Here is a firm-branded version of the presentation:

Finally, to make things even clearer, here are some common FAQs that advisors have about implementing Retiremap:

How do we get participants to use it?
Boulevard R helps you actively promote plan education and engage participants through unique delivery options that include:

  • Webinars
  • Email activation links that originate from the benefits contact, but are sent by Boulevard R on their behalf
  • Mobile computing (eg. iPads)

How do we roll it out?
Once the agreement has been signed, Boulevard R will work with you and the plan sponsor to create a timeline for an initial participant webinar, as well as presentations and email campaigns. Our support team is also available to do presentations throughout the year and can coordinate email campaigns or tablet (eg. iPad) deployments based on your schedule.

What if I do not meet with participants?
Retiremap offers more personalized educational value to participants than most plan education meetings and in significantly less time. For participants seeking advice or financial planning assistance, you can refer them to a qualified advisor you trust through your Advisor Management Interface.