Retiremap 2.0 Released After 10 Month Collaboration with Duke University and Renowned Behavioral Economist

SAN FRANCISCO, September 8, 2016 — After an intensive 10 month product and research collaboration with Duke University’s Common Cents Lab, Retiremap is relaunching its financial wellness platform. The new vision for Retiremap 2.0 is based on a close collaboration with renowned behavioral economist, NY Times bestselling author, Wall Street Journal columnist and James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University, Dan Ariely.

To learn more about Retiremap 2.0 and the new research-backed platform, attend the launch webinar on Thursday, September 22nd at 11am Pacific:

“We usually think that the best cure for bad financial decisions is financial literacy.  Just teach people, and all will be solved. Sadly this is not the case, and even worse, the evidence is that financial literacy’s effectiveness is close to zero.” said Professor Dan Ariely.  “What we need is a system that takes the complexity of financial decision making, breaks it into actionable components, and coaches us on taking one step at a time. This is what Retiremap is designed to do.”

“Retiremap 2.0 is much more than a financial wellness program- it is a technology platform that works to improve financial well-being using key insights from the field of behavioral economics.  We have created a personalized communications platform that coaches employees based on what research tells us works in real life,” said Matt Iverson, CEO at Retiremap.  “Retiremap 2.0 uses employees’ data to deeply personalize their path to financial wellness, while automating and scaling many of the most impactful aspects of advisor-employee interactions, including confidence-building, trust and the perception of value.  Additionally, in the situations where it makes sense, employees can easily connect live with their retirement plan advisor through any number of channels.”

Retiremap 2.0 will be made available to only a very limited group of retirement plan advisory firms.  The selection process will be announced on the September 22nd webinar. In additional to exclusive access to Retiremap 2.0, selected firms will be able to demonstrate financial wellness thought leadership with exclusive access to some of Duke and Retiremap’s key research findings.


The Retiremap 2.0 platform empowers employers and advisors to deliver:

  • Personalized, automated financial wellness coaching covering a range of needs, including getting out of debt and buying a home

  • An easy and efficient way for employees to connect live with their plan advisors

  • A research-backed model for behavior change

  • Dramatically increased scale and efficiency

  • Unique strategies to boost financial confidence and close the intention-action gap

  • Just-in-time messaging via email, SMS, online and in-app, as well as through channels such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Real-time, plan sponsor level analytics and reporting

“There are no financial wellness programs that come anywhere close to what we’ve built with Duke’s Common Cents Lab and Professor Ariely,” said Iverson. “The combination of Retiremap 2.0’s automated technology and sophisticated use of behavioral economics results in a program to close the employee intention-action gap. Advisory firms that are invested in improving employees’ financial lives and growing through access to a unique, research-backed financial wellness program should attend Retiremap 2.0’s launch webinar.”

About Retiremap

Retiremap ( is a research-backed financial wellness platform designed with Duke University and renowned Professor Dan Ariely to help employees achieve their financial goals.  Unlike existing financial wellness solutions, Retiremap’s personalized, automated coaching platform leverages the presence of the plan advisor to get employees to save more.


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Kiva + Retiremap Win an Innovator Award from Pensions & Investments/DCIIA

Kiva Wins!

We’re thrilled to announce that yesterday Kiva won an Innovator Award from Pensions & Investments/DCIIA for implementing Retiremap.

Kiva used custom Retiremap iPad® workshops to engage employees and then honed the communications message, based on the data that was generated.

We couldn’t be happier for Britt Huber, the VP of HR, who received the award. Take a listen to her short acceptance speech in front of the roughly 500 people gathered in San Francisco’s Palace Hotel for the Pensions & Investments West Coast DC conference.

Other Innovator Award winners on stage with Britt included leaders from Chrysler, the Federal Thrift Saving Plan, Aloha Petroleum, Pepsi Co. and Rackspace.


Leading RIA Firm Taps New Retiremap iPad Workshops to Engage and Educate Employees

First advisor-centric iPad app creates fun interactive experience to measurably improve retirement readiness, reaches more employees in less time


SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2013 — Leading ERISA retirement consulting firm Blue Prairie Group is now using iPads to educate employees and measurably improve retirement readiness with the Retiremap program from Boulevard R.  The new Retiremap Plan For Your Future iPad workshops offer an independent, employer-centric solution to engage employees, while helping plan advisors reach more employees in less time. A short video overview is available here:

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“We successfully implemented the Retiremap employee education software with several of our clients and each implementation has worked as intended. The meetings have been well attended and employees love to receive a customized statement describing their overall retirement readiness and how they can improve it,” said Matt Gnabasik, Managing Director at Blue Prairie Group.  “With each implementation, we provided one-on-one consultations for those employees who are interested. The upshot is that we’re seeing higher employee engagement scores as measured by increased participation and savings rates.”

“Top ERISA-focused advisory firms like Blue Prairie Group, realize the need to innovate on their education and advice model to do a better job of engaging more employees to help make sure they are on track for a secure retirement,” said Matt Iverson, Founder at Boulevard R.  “The industry recognition, with the Pensions & Investments Innovator Award nomination of the first employer to offer our Plan for Your Future iPad workshop, shows that we’re on the right track.”

The Retiremap program was developed with leading behavioral economist and NY Times bestselling author, Dan Ariely from Duke University.  The 30-minute Plan for Your Future workshops provide up to 30 employees at a time with an iPad, allowing them to do a holistic retirement readiness assessment and get a personalized Starter Roadmap.  For employees who cannot participate in the iPad workshops, account activation links are emailed out and they can also access the platform through a custom employer website.


The Retiremap program empowers employers and advisors to:

  • Offer a much more engaging and relevant plan education program
  • Use behavioral economics research from one of the top behavioral economists in the world to drive positive behavior change
  • Save time and increase impact by providing advisors access to employees’ data to use in private, one-on-one meetings
  • Take a holistic financial planning approach by looking at the household situation
  • Identify financial stressors and deliver custom, actionable content to help reduce employees’ stress
  • Measure the impact of our plan education efforts, adding accountability into plan education efforts
  • Provide employees an independent solution that is neither conflicted nor pushes any specific investment product.

“With the arrival of iPads and tablets, the future of plan education has arrived,” said Iverson. “Independent platforms, like Retiremap, deliver an employer-branded solution that reaches more employees in less time, while offering a fun, engaging experience.  The statistics speak for themselves.”


  • 95.2% of employees who start the Retiremap goal-setting process, complete it and get a Starter Roadmap
  • 55.7% of all employees are engaged in the first 30 days through iWorkshops and email campaigns
  • 58.2% of iWorkshop attendees requested to speak with an advisor
  • 53.2% of iWorkshop attendees decided to increase their deferral rate by an average of 6.3% of pay


About Retiremap

Retiremap ( is the leading independent retirement plan education platform from Boulevard R, using today’s technology to measurably improve participant outcomes.  Retiremap’s Plan For Your Future iPad workshops and online campaigns engage more employees, while helping employers and plan advisors drive the retirement plan concept in fresh new ways.  By measuring and documenting the impact of plan education efforts, Retiremap introduces accountability, while simultaneously reducing fiduciary liability.

About Blue Prairie Group

Blue Prairie Group ( is a fee-only investment consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, providing unbiased and objective financial consulting within three main practice areas: ERISA Retirement, Foundations & Endowments and Wealth Management. Blue Prairie Group acts as fiduciaries to all of its clients’ portfolios and is remunerated solely by clients. Blue Prairie Group passionately advocates low cost investments, full fee transparency, and offers a broad service suite for both institutions and individuals. Like any good neighbor, Blue Prairie Group contributes to the community, by giving 5% of pre-tax profit to local charitable organizations.


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